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Midnight Sniperino


Sunday July 19th 12pm EST (noon), 2020



Entry Fee

1 sub per team

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Midnight Halo makes it's debut with the return of the sniper! This time... its a 2v2!

Grab your duo and claim the title of being the best sniping duo!

  • Registration Deadline: July 17th, 7pm EST
  • Prizepool: $450USD - 1st: 225, 2nd: 135, 3rd: 90
  • Gametypes: MH Midnight Sniperino: found in fileshare of "Twitch NapTimez" Ground Pounds & Spartan Charges Disabled
  • Maps are tenative: Coliseum, Molten, Eden, Refuge, Plaza, The Rig, Truth, Echelon

1v1 before sunrise


August 1st 2pm EST



Entry FEE

Subscribers only

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This tourney is the first installment of a trilogy of 1v1 tourneys! 1v1 Before Sunsent & 1v1 Before Midnight will follow this tourney! Sign up if you think you have what it takes to be the last one standing!

  • Registration Deadline: July 30th, 7pm EST
  • Prizepool: $300USD - 1st: 120, 2nd: 80, 3rd: 60, 4th: 40
  • Gametype: MH 1v1 Sunrise: Found in fileshare of "Twitch NapTimez" HCS Influenced
  • Maps: Plaza Bruh, Coli Bruh, Truth Bruh & a few more in the editing process! *Tenative*

Be sure to catch any of the tourneyz Live at Twitch.tv/NapTimez